About me:

I'm a California girl originally from Paris. Actually... I was born in Angola (South West Africa), raised in Paris, lived in Australia for one year and I've been adventuring all around the world ever since (almost all the continents, except for Antartica).


Travelling is my addiction, going to new places, discovering and learning new things are my favorite things to do in life. So I try as much as I can to capture some of these amazing moments I get the chance to live and with it, the beautiful places I get to explore and admire.


​I've been to places I can't even pronounce the names, met beautiful souls that truly inspired me, ate food I can't even describe, seen landscapes that only my eyes and memory could capture.

And I truly believe that everything that surrounds us is an inspiration, or at least can be if we dare to open our eyes and look closer.

From Paris to Milan, LA, Sydney, Phuket, Bali, Rio, Athens, Barcelona, London... and many more cities; I'm just living my life, chasing stories to tell when I'm old!

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